Ultimate change. 

Does anybody actually know how to deal with a life changing moment? 

Maybe some people say it’s easy but are actually keeping hold of the hardship they are facing. For me. It’s impossible. It’s impossibly hard to deal with. It feels as though i am falling into a deep hole struggling to see the light at the top. Struggling to climb over the events that have succumb to me over these past months. 

From knowing what direction my destiny was taking me, to her warm welcoming hand just letting go of my grip. Like a darkened room only lit with a candle, slowly burning out. 

Motivation seems to be the key to getting somewhere. Getting out of this dark gloomy, poorly lit room and jumping into the sun light. But. How do I get such a thing?

How do you just switch that light switch and turn everything back on? 
Let the journey begin. 


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