Fear of feeling. 

All my life. Been running from a pain in me. A feeling I don’t understand. Holding me down.

Is fear of emotions a reasonable thing? 

Emotion is such a natural part of being a human. Why is it that it’s so hard to express them? Is it because we don’t understand them to there fullest extent? Or are we afraid of showing weakness?

I have fought through life trying to bottle everything up that I feel. I have been through a lot. Anger. Upset. Nerves. Unhappiness. All in one tightened bottle ready to smash open. Not only are the bad emotions getting bottled up now but the good ones. The great ones are starting to squeeze into that bottle. 

I know the right answer is to let them out. When there are so many. Where do you start? How do you get started with such a mountain of hurt and angst



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