Final question?

There’s a dream out there waiting for you to complete it. Reach for it. Grab hold of it. Grip it and take charge of it. If it’s too far away to reach out. Then plan to get to it. Plan out each stepping stone. 

To some extent I do think that there is a certain place for us to be and each job, hobby, moment and event we go through in life are stepping stones to that dream. Why wait? Why wait for it to come to you? Why not build a bridge to that dream rather then a stepping stone. 

We all end up in the certainty that is death. We all end up in that moment where your left wondering “did I do everything I wanted in life!” Yes needs to be the answer to that ultimate question. After all is said and done. Your ready to move across to fill the next void in the next movement of our life’s. All questions have been answered. Or not as the case may be but they have been asked. There is simply one last question for you to seek the answer to. 

The catch? You’re the only person that has the answer to that question. Make sure you ask your self that question ever so often. If the answer is no at that moment in time. Change is needed. 

Be that kid that wants to swing over the bar on that set of swings. Aim for the up and over. 


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