Sense me. Everywhere. 

I am a strong believer in afterlife. I don’t know what to believe but I believe that we move onto something bigger then ourselves. Something bigger then this life. 

It’s all clique and everyone thinks about it. Everyone. But what truly happens. All the beliefs that people muster up are comfort blankets. Death is inevitably yes. And there is nothing we can do about it other than accept the fact it will happen. 

People fear the unknown. Death is unknown. This is why such things are in place to help us fear it less. God. Heaven and hell. Ghosts. Spirits. The list goes on. I have heard some pretty amazing beliefs and theories on what happens to the human soul once we have left this world and I’m not here to give you mine because. Honestly. Yours is probably better because it’s your own. You have taken comfort from it but what I will say is open your eyes. And open your mind. 

Standing in an empty room and you feel that presence behind you. You feel as though some one is looking at you.  

Goosebumps trickle down your back and overwhelm you until you shiver. Taking control of your senses. 

Be put into a situation where you come out of the other end and think ‘that surely should of killed me’ 

What’s to say that the unfortante souls that have left there shell isn’t there looking after you. Watching you. It’s hard because we can’t see them. Talk to them. We want a response off them. We want to hear there voice one last time. Open you eyes. Open your mind. 

There are stranger more power forces in this world in this universe. In this vast nothingness of space. We can’t even comprehend the size of our ocean. The depth of our ocean. The unanswered questions on what other creatures dwell in the empty darkness of the abyss. We are naive. Humans are limited into what they believe in. We can’t see it, we can’t understand it? We ignore it. Just. Take some time when you are next out side on a clear dark night. Look up. Try and envision yourself beyond our clouds. Beyond the stars we can see. Just start to let you mind drift on to the possibilities that could be. 

Then ask yourself. Are we really alone or so our relatives stay with us. 


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