Social medias chokehold

I feel as though being wrapped up in social media is causing my life to get swallowed up in a world of other people. Caught in the chokehold of others lives. Being involved in reading and engaging in what other people are doing. I need me time. 

I need to find me. I need to seek who I am, who I really am. I need to involve myself in the world away from social media. In a world that was built for us all to enjoy. To love. To admire. I am lost in this depth of fakeness that people seem to need to broadcast to the world. Let’s be true to ourselves and just enjoy life without telling the world about it. 

Human communication has been lost. Now we let our phones, laptop, cameras speak to us. We let words on a screen dictate what our lives are doing rather then stepping back and taking in what nature has to offer. 

I need to find who I am. I need to discover who I am. I need to allow social media not to sway my choices on what’s right or wrong. It’s so easy to sit there reading and wanting what people have. How am I to find what I want to be when I am letting others opinions sway my judgment. This isn’t me. Writing this blog is allowing me to reconnect with my thoughts. Yes. It is sharing with people across the word but these are my thoughts and my thoughts alone. I can keep track of my journey. I can see where I have been. 

Let’s see what becomes of me. Let’s start back at the roots. 


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