Four walls 

As I lay here in bed. Looking at these four walls. I try to picture what I would be like if things were different. If I’d gone down a certain road rather than the other. People say that things happen for a reason. That’s to clique for me. I choose my own future and create my own past. 

I am not disagreeing with the fact that. Because you go down one certain path it has a knock on effect a little later in life. I can look at all the different avenues I have come across in life’s path and pin point the exact time and location where something significant happened to cause a domino effect through out life’s life line. 

I want to make my future big. I want to make it full of events and memories. Some will be good. Others will be bad but they will define me. They will create me into a more experienced being on earth and I will open myself up to what possibilities I can achieve as I go on further through life. 

Time to mould me.